Simple Sync

TechBrite | Center Basket Troffer Wired for LED Tubes

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TechBrite | Tandem Joiner

 Introducing our Tandem Joiner for 8 foot fixtures. Smaller box means less shipping costs, easier to recycle, and easier for on the job use. 

Quick Strip G2

 TechBrite is happy to introduce the next generation of our Quick Strip — Quick Strip G2 (original, eh?). The Quick Strip G2 is the same form & function as the previous Quick Strip but with increased LPW. 

Wireless Controls

 TechBrite’s Wireless System has a wide range of capabilities making this the perfect solution for any lighting retrofit project. Find out how this system will save you money and time. 

Old becomes cutting-edge with SOTA

 TechBrite’s newest addition to our ever-growing product line of LED Lighting is SOTA. TechBrite’s SOTA fixture and retro kit have the same form and function as a traditional strip fixture, but that’s where the similarities end. 

TechBrite LED High Bay Retro Kit

 The TechBrite LED High Bay Retro Kit is a big game changer. If your application calls for retrofitting existing fixtures that are piped with conduit . . . this is the perfect solution. Allowing the existing conduit and fixture housing to remain in place greatly speeds installation – saving time and money on the installation. TechBrite’s LED High Bay Retro works in nearly all existing fixtures with a width of 12 ½ inches or greater.SHOW MORE

A vapor tight story

 The customer called and said, “I need a cheap vaportight solution”. This seems to be a consistent question in the lighting industry. The quick answer is – never compete on price. The more you can shift a conversation from price to benefits, the more you valuable you become to your customer.  

TechBrite Solutions in Action

 You’re in a pinch! You need 100 Strip Fixtures wired for LED tubes – and you need them fast. What to do? TechBrite has an extensive Quick Ship program. TechBrite has over 25 products on the Quick Ship list from outdoor fixtures to strip fixtures to high bays. If you are in a pinch, give us a call and see what we can do. Also, ask us about our stocking program where you can have your biggest sellers stocked for you, right here in our warehouse.